Once Upon A God

Bjorn's Journal #7

Entry #549

Halls, turns, more halls.


I will never understand why some feel the need to waste good earth on a maze. I mean, whats the point? Any damn fool with an ounce of patience, a bit of parchment and a bit of coal will just map the damn thing!!

Did have a run in with a summoned with an elemental mephite… tried to get us to follow him.. he was obviously lying and a threat, we returned him to his plane. Nothing much else down here than rooms of trash.. bit of Plat, a lost scroll, nice gem.. but all in all damn near pointless.

Guess it is a good location for a secret cult.

That said we did find a portal, led to some other caverns.. bit of water which seems to give the priest some concern, no wonder with all that steel on his skin. Other than that.. just a run in with some cave worms, ehh it all comes with the territory.



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