Once Upon A God

Granite's Journal #8

Entry Date, 2nd Flamerule 1368 DR

After resting we left our humble abode for the evening. We traversed down several flights of stairs and into a large room. There were several statues in the room all apparently had weapons at one time. There were several Hobgoblins in the room and they attacked us immediately. One of the Dwarves was felled in the battle, but I was able to revive him. As always, we were victorious. One of the statues, the statue of the king, held the soul of its likeness. The king came forward and told us that he was still on this plane, defying Kelemvor, for the greater purpose of fighting a great evil that would scourge the land. Apparently, thieves had stolen the weapons which belonged to the statues as well as the king’s bones. His bones are necessary for the king’s resurrection. There was a tunnel the Hobgoblins were digging it lead outside. After we reached the outside and the first daylight we had seen in some time, we sent the Gnome up on a floating disk to try and discern our location. After coming back down the Gnome had a few bumps and bruises but we used the information he was able to gather and headed south. After some time we reached a small hunting village. The village was too small to be of any use so we made camp in the woods just outside the town. In the middle of the night several townsfolk carried a body out of one of the houses. I went to investigate. It turns out the Drow we encountered murdered one of the townsfolk’s wives. We hired a tracker from the town and set out immediately. We tracked her for 3 days south into the town of Suzial.



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