Once Upon A God

House guests


After some time through the deep woods, guided by our plainsman, we found a great clearing with a home in the center. Clearly the residence of the power in this place. Several of the party seems unclear how to proceed, as if they were planing a raid on this woman’s home. It is astounding how self oriented they are, as if their life were the only one of importance.

A circle of protection prevented the advance of the plainsman and the gnome, inflicting them with some sort of natures curse, I warned them to be cautious of the barrier but they did not take heed. I cannot pity their lack of foresight.

The home is extravagant, particularly for the limited residence, subtly we were invited in and more or less guided to a waiting room before meeting our host. A lovely woman with obvious skill in magic, far older than she appears and it would seem has reached that point in extended life that she has taken to the joy of deals and favor for favor.

Alise, she asks to be called, I will update the libraries when I return to the conclave. She admits that the Giants heart is here, that his deal is complete. After a bit and some thought I offered some black sand as payment for the Giants heart. She was quite interested as it as a commodity, something I can simply conjure is, as far as I am concerned, an exceptional payment for the burning heart. The trade was made.

Now… we have the heart… but what to do with it…

The plainsmen suffers with thirst after only a few hours of exposure. Truly astounding how weak the people of the lush lands are. I suggested that if it is water he requires, that he should pray for it. I assume if his gods are of any worth they will supply him… they do not… but he did try. For that I made a silent request from the Druid to bring some rain, he seemed perfectly happy to comply.

But.. what to do with the heart…



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