Once Upon A God

On the road

I will have to beg forgiveness from my elders, they wished for a full report of the cold lands and the hunting down the threat. I have not been as diligent as I need to be, unlike me… my only thought is the distraction from the cold.

The Giant Yaga-Shura has been killed, the knife ended his protections and the fight was brutal. many people fell in the siege. However my hopes for a quick victory and the return home was ended. It would appear that the threat to my wastelands is not in this single felled creature. The giant was but one of many that holds a part of a greater threat, it would appear that Bahl has segmented his soul across the land, his prodigy are coming together to somehow bring about his rebirth and I fear that this is the threat.

It would seem there is a greater problem, my recent headaches are not mine alone. Others in the group have them as well and it would appear that they are almost a beacon to find others. I may well be a fragment of Bahl. There is hope, it turns out that not all of the fragments are corrupt, as unstable as many is this party is, they are not corrupt. Perhaps some feelings of evil from some, but not corrupt. With some luck the fragments is nothing more than a tool.



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