Once Upon A God

the castle crag...

The thief is an impetuous soul, though for the most part he seems to know his business. They have found the ruins of the castle or at least what is in the process of being rebuilt.

Constructs are used for guards and labor, makes sense and rather efficient though they fell with little effort. The hellhounds at the gate are of little use once silence and easily fell.. it’s almost as if the inhabitable wanted guests. Though I think it is more that complacency has resulted in a lax security.

Finding one of the kitchens we have resupplied and I am more than happy to give the wasting for any of the locals who wish to eat their dinners.

Then it all went down hill. The thief who until this point has done his job as you would expect, assuming we understand his trades hand signals flung open the door to another series of large hounds who immediately howl the alarm before they could be silenced. Fool. I will make sure he pays penance.

The fight was short but far too loud, the neighboring room, a living space, recently vacated only supports my assumption that the locals know we are here and are preparing. Then to top it all off the carelessness continues and the thief manages to poison himself. Through Azul’s blessings he is brought back slowly and I insist that he pay homage to the mercy of Azul. A minor offering but one more of intent than actual value. Azul knows my worth.

From here we collect ourselfs and prepare for what comes now that we have lost our advantage.



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