Once Upon A God

The knife


In the traveling back my focus is on the heart, it burns without heat, heals instantly, can not be dried, or squelched. I know of no story of such an item nor any legend of how to destroy it.

After much research i was able to determine that it is covered in layers of protections, far beyond my ability to break through. A non magic field would perhaps work but beholders are far to erratic to be considered as a viable solution.

In further study in the city of Durask, I found a reference to a Dagger of Undoing, anti magic blade with a single use to break all enchantments. It is legend that there is one in the Shar once owned by a plainsman chief named Golmaru. Our plainsman does not know of it but admits that there are often tribal wars that could have forced the change of hands.

We traveled far with the assistance of the Driud to speak the the Shar elders only to find out that the dagger was taken 2 centuries before in the plains wars and was won by the family of the lord of Durask, a lord Regional… his descendant Amiel now sits as the reigning lord. A hard traveling brought us back and after some difficulty with the lords lackey we were introduced to a Cleric of Tyr. find gentleman of law, though not appreciated by our companion. Not a surprise, apparently there is a long staining feud. It does not matter as long as it does not stand in the way of our success.

The lord is a pompous fool, not unlike most leaders in the soft lush lands. They have not been tested and so they do not understand what is important.. like children left to their own devises they will tear themselves apart. He has a dagger, it appears to be genuine, and now the rub. This is an anti magic dagger, which would not radiate magic, which can only be used once. If we use it now and it works, the Yaga-sura will know of his mortality and act to protect himself. However, if we use it at the moment he feels he is safe and the dagger is spent…. we are in for a difficult day.


“we are in for a difficult day.”

Understatement of the century.

The knife

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