Once Upon A God

The path

walking the path

My lord..

We have done what we can for the town, they must now take the choice to share what they have and grow or fail.. please bless them with wisdom.

We have added another to our group, human, wielder of magic but not as common as most who throw about fire and lightning, he was quick to help others and I feel he will be an asset to the group. Bless him with your protection.

The mage of the town sent us to the final layer of Tiamat’s followers. After the fight with the Blue dragon we did gain entrance. Interestingly the new mage has a tenancy to change others forms to fit the situation. Useful no doubt, I may need to speak with him about his choice of forms as mine was of a devil. I understand we are as we chose our actions to be but I am not entirely comfortable in such naturally savage forms. I continue to follow your path, I deny the ownership of wealth and I have been blessed with the freedom of material goods. I do carry items that might be useful to others and a potion that I hold for the priest. I know he intended for me to use it should I need it but I will not be a owner of such a valuable item. It is tucked in my bag with other goods that may be shared with those who need it more than I.. for I trust in you.



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