Once Upon A God

The rest of the Crag

After a number of fights we did manage to clear the upper levels and discovered a small cache of treasure, even so much as to discover a sealed room from the former inhabitant. Odd that the Zentirum had not. There is a weapon here that seems to show some level of self awareness and it would seem that we are not compatible.

We seem to have found the local lord and defeated them in their temple to their false god Bane. Their priest fled when his defeat was immanent, unfortunately they are not stupid. His passage led to a portal that appears to lead to what fits the descriptions of Zhental keep. Not a place I would consider wise to follow without the whole of the dusty conclave at my back.

I have sealed the portal for now, it is temporary but should allow us time to rest.. Little was accomplished here other than the death of some local forces and the freed local prisoners found under guard. They were told to take word to their tribes, to show that their oppressors could be thrown off.

I admit I have little hope for their ability to organize, the strongest of them cowled like a mewling vermin more and more the people of the soft lands show that they are only too willing to let everyone else do the work of life for them. Perhaps only 1 in 50 have shown any sense of discipline or fortitude. The centuries will pass and none of them will be remembered.



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