Once Upon A God

walking the path

the city

My lord,

the city of Tiamat is well guarded, the dead, devils, and other unpleasantness. For the natural inhabitants of this plane I will continue to offer the option to yield… it is a promise to Hagakuri that I will at least offer peace, but for those outside of their plane I will offer no quarter.

The guards refused to yield, they are no more, their goods will help others however. I am a bit torn, I consumed dwarf meat, as a sentient creature I am unsure how I feel about eating it.. it is not of my race and in that, are they nothing more than animals, am I? Do I have the right to take a life for the only reasoning of my own sustenance? I will meditate on this.

We found a torture room, run by a devil who was guarding it, it is back in it’s plane. Again the mage chose a savage form for me, not a bad choice as it was effective and may have been the cause of the devil returning to the abyss. Still.. I need him to know I prefer the form of something befitting my… ideals.

Something unpleasant came to light, it would seem that I am subject to good attacks as if I were an evil being. I fear that my parentage may have cursed my blood… I live each moment for the good of those around me, to follow the law of my path, and to fight evil and chaos. The cleric tells me that I am also good by my nature, so how can I house both? I must purge this evil from me.

finally, we have found another, female, half elf. Seems she was the recent victim of the devil.. we have healed her, given her rest and food. I was able to supply her with armor and weapons and the opportunity to be safe from this place. She wishes to join us, perhaps out of revenge, I do not blame her for that. She too helps those in need including the poor. She already has my respect for that. She is a fighter from her report.. Bless her, my lord, so that she may assist in your work.



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