Once Upon A God

Bjorn's Journal #12

Entry #555

Several dead ends lead to the middle of nowhere.

We found an additional passage from teh temple below the main room. Looks like it was the waiting room for the Monk we killed. Found a few things of note including a map with some directions about the Shar to the south, also that there is a meeting to the south that the Drow bitch was heading to.

Turns out that mirror is one for communication to the high and mighty muckity muck from the flame ritual. Though there is little information gained I did find that he is easily angered and has influential magic even over a distance. We found ourselves in the middle the fields.. from the sks it looks like we are far south in the grasslands. Like a portion of Shar. Seems we are to be out of the way for some time. Unfortunately this will give the followers of Balls somewhat of a head start. It’s ok.. I know we are able to push them into action, irrational haste, leads to mistakes.

I had a bad experience...
Nick Scarlett's Adventure log

This last day didn’t go well at all. Somehow we ended up in the middle of a grass plain, with nothing in site. Something with a mirror and magic. I don’t know much about these things. Glowing sigils, a flash of light, and then boom. We’re here. We’re nowhere.

The dwarves think we’re somewhere in the Shaar, and we’ve started moving south towards where they think a city is. I can only hope we find something before we run out of food and water. Or before something finds us.

I still hurt everywhere. Like I’m wont to do, I started digging for valuables before fully checking over the Monk’s desk, and got myself hit with some sort of trap spell. I’ve never felt such ridiculous pain. The damn cleric had the audacity to silence me rather than cure me. Bastard.

The guild likely thinks I took the drop and took off, so I’m likely dead if I show my face in the city again. No loss, the leads had dried up, and things weren’t going well for the Snake’s Tails.

Bjorn'sJournal #11

Entry #554

Made our way into the Temple, and it seems we attracted company. Not a surprise with the priest’s yelling and the Gnome blasting everything it’s a wonder the whole city does not know we are here. As I am not sure what lies below I suppose a few extra hands can’t hurt. We collected the head of the Monk and went on our way, seems one of the new guys is a thief, fairly skilled with locks and traps. Nice to have a second hand, not that I trust him as far as his skinny little arms could throw me but useful all the same. Might also be a good source of finding out exactly what is going on with the guild wars.

Second appears to be a mage.. no real focus on a particular school, no indication of any real life experience. I give him a month before he steps on a trap and loses his head. I’ll make a note to collect his supplies and perhaps use his corpse. Priest wont like it.. but it might be a nice experiment.

Lower levels of the temple led to sewers and an exit to the town. dead end lead. We do have the head of the Monk so we are going to one of the local mystics to see if we can get any answers. I do not have high hopes.

Something Lost, Something Gained
Nick Scarlett's adventure log.

The leads on my mother’s killer seem to have been dead ends. No matter, I will find him, this day or the next, or some further down the road, and I will have my reckoning.

The monastary missed another payment this week, and now I know why. When I got there, the front of the building had been blown open, and the antechamber stunk of death. I collected the payment from the front leg of the alter, but they’re short again. 100 gold pieces and some spattering of lesser coin.

In the course of searching the rest of the monastary, I ran across a couple of strange characters. Some prisoners, and a couple of dwarves, an obnoxious gnome, and a cleric who clearly worships at the altar of incorrigibility.

One of the dwarves is of note, as he’s a fellow child of shadow. I do not know where his allegiances lie in this unstable time, so I’ll keep a knife at his back, and hope he doesn’t step the wrong way.

From the condition of the bodies I found in the basement, mostly my guildmates, the adventurers had nothing to do with it. I let them traipse around in our territory a bit, as they seem to be chasing someone whose made themselves an enemy of the guild For the time being, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Until there’s profit to be made.

Bjorn's Journal #10

Entry #553

Been real damn busy and have not been keeping up in my log, guild won’t be happy bout that.. but they can suck on sandstone if they think I am going to care.

Lets see, got passage across the seas by working for our keep, all in all not highly eventful. Few attacks on the open waters.. few sirens, the captain seemed well prepared. Learned a bit about the city, turns out they have a poor opinion of theft, and is punished severely.

Made it to the city, set up housing while we look around, after a few more questions found out that for a city with no thief’s there are alot of guilds. Seems they are in the middle of a guild war, eventually one will take over but guild wars are no place to be in the middle of. I do have a contact though, good source for info, had to get him a silver hand with a bit of.. insurance, good work by the gnome.

Turns out the cult of Baal and that dark elf seem to be working out of an abandoned temple of wealth. They were in the middle of some kind of religious thing.. but we did make our way in another night. Fight broke out, not too bad all in all, we cleaned up and are about to make our way deeper into the temple. Seems there was, something about the monk we had to put down.. something familiar. Shrug, not going to get into it here.

Side note, the ranger seems to have split, who knows what we will have to deal with.

Granite's Journal #9

Entry Date, 27th Flamerule 1368 DR

For the last day I have been communing with Kelemvor and Grumbar. I have felt unusually irritable and perhaps the prayer will settle my soul.

The Gnome seems unusually preoccupied with his tools as well this day, to the point that he has diverted the energy normally reserved to power his continuously running jaws to his brain in order to accomplish his task. This project will either be incredibly monumental or cataclysmically destructive, I shall prepare some healing spells….

Interesting, one of the dwarves just approached me and informed me that we need to travel onboard a ship and curiously enough gave me a ring of water walking. Not that I don’t trust the dwarves, dwarves are incredibly practical and straight forward but I had it checked by the priests. If it’s necessary to travel on the sea then I will, although I must admit the idea is disgusting.

We had set forth in the next couple of hours. I try to stay below decks as much as possible, no need to tempt the fates. The captain and crew seem to appreciate the gifts of my gods and I have tried to keep the crew as healthy as possible. So far the trip has been uneventful and with luck it will continue. On a side note, the Gnome has continued his work on his task and that has made me very disconcerted since a large hole in the hull of the ship would be a problem… perhaps I should consider incapacitating him for the remainder of the voyage?

We had a storm the other night but it was a mild squall and the crew handled it admirably.

I’m getting restless; it’s been quite some time since I’ve felt the land. The nearest thing to land is seagull shit. The Gnome has me very worried; I have decided to curse him with a drowsiness curse. It should not cause him pain, as a matter of fact he should feel quite rested and I shall remove the curse once we have landed.

We were attacked in the middle of the night by pirates. The battle was fairly fierce. If I could swim I would have chanced going up on deck however, as it was I positioned myself to guard the entrance to the lower decks. We were victorious of course. Several of the crew needed medical attention after the battle but most survived. I shall have to study my holy book for spells which might be useful if this situation arises again.

Several nights later the ship sailed by some sirens which started luring the sailors on deck. I cast a zone of silence on the stairs leading to the deck which kept the sailors from being lured into the sea until the captain could decimate their rock outcropping with whatever that hand cannon he has is.

On the twelfth day out the wind completely stopped and we were dead in the water. It was several days until we had a good strong wind again.

It seemed like forever until we were able to make land…

Bjorns Journal #10

Entry #554

Yes, well the best laid plans of .. well even a Dwarf can sometimes run right into a pit of hot gass or sandstone.

Found the location of the Dark elfs POC, little rathole of a pub, they don’t take kindly to dwarfs there, but of make up and putty and I passed as a human. Got a little info, even tried my hand at forgery using a known document.

I had little hope of it getting me in but it did force them to react. Sent out a couple of archers and a mage to kill me. Now we have a source of information. I also have permission from the guild to pass the sewers safely till we get under the black rat, from there we are on our own.. not that I expected much better.

It will take a bit of time to scout out, and tha’ts ok since the gnome is busy. I did take a bit of a beating for that rooftop.. I will pay my debts.

Nino's thoughts #1

Well , this seems like an intereasting place this city. It has been a long andd certanly strange road that has landed( or is it pushed?? )here.Now that i have propper tools and a workbench the skies the limit!!!My master would be proud of the intereasting things that i have made indeed. My companions seem a little strange. Two dwarves and a grumpy cleric. i guess his god is mad at him to make him so mad all the time, keeps blaming me for his misfortune no wonder he is so slow.The twin dwarves i have known for a while and repaired stuff for their father who died recently as well as half the town and my master sadly.We picked up a rather happy bard and a human warrior that is REALLY tall.he is also grumpy, what is it with all the grumpy around.The only bright spot is the halfling that is helping us track the drow in the city. She seems nice and hasnt threatened to kill/maim/hurt/ or otherwise see to my end so i think she is great, though rather quiet.Oh well , on to the important stuff… I MADE STUFF!!!!!Experiments on the flashbang and rock to mud( working title till i think of a catchier name)went well, only a few mishalps and one almost death, but that is the usual with experiments. accidently made some bolts that do a ’gaseous cloud " effect, might be intereasting to make more if they work well. Made a armoured hand for the dwarf( still not sure with one, i think the wand using one)it turned out well i would say proudlly, it even has a dagger in it so he will not lose it again.Made some arrows and axes for thew other dwarf and the hafling. she Made me a realy nice stone bear carving, need to figure how to get some gears in it ang make it move, that will impress her.going to fix the clerics hammer with a new device i put into the throwing axes, something i call a eletro whriler. it makes lightning come from the blade on impact. the other dwarf wanted the screamming axe, to each their own i would guess.I think my good nature is wearing off on the cleric, he even sent me his holy symbol as gratitude, but i sadly dont follow his god and happily gave it back to him. he seemed pleased toi recive it, thought it is hard to tell when he is happy, my guess is that he is.oh well, must sleep and work on more stuff in the morning. :)

Serenity's Thoughts - 1

Bad day.

Best friend is dead. Killed by she-Drow. Children crying. Husband crying. What good is crying?

Many stand around. Outsiders come – 4 males. Make noise, shine lights, and root. Typical. Act like they own the place. Can’t stand it. Serenity tracks.

Outsiders interfere. Bald Holy-man is arrogant – resorts to tricks when he doesn’t get his way. He should have rocks thrown at his head.

Outsiders insist on “helping.” Mainly they make noise and destroy tracks. Serenity tracks she-Drow to city.

Gnome is very noisy, but seems genuine. He makes Serenity laugh. 2 armed dwarf enjoys picking on him. Not surprised.

1 armed dwarf is somewhat useful. Not too ugly. He has some info and thinks he can get more. Seems overly sure of himself, though – very annoying. Serenity will keep rocks handy just in case.

Bjorn's Journal #9

Entry #552

Into the dark, We searched the chamber and collected what gold and goods we could but not the return I had hoped for. Did manage to find a secret door leading further down, interestingly enough there is a hero’s chamber, statue after statue of long dead heroes, looks like we were too late as the weapons they held are already robed.

Fortunately, it seems we have found some defilers and quite possibly some of those that are responsible for the problems above. Decent fighters, and a priest… all dead now, though I have to admit it was a tough fight. Turns out we did not get everyone and there was a tunnel dug, we are tracking the one that got away. After speaking with a resident ghost we got a little information, seems we are hunting a dark elf. Sigh. elfs, can’t say I have ever met one worth their salt.. even in the guild they are annoying.

Tunnel led to the woods, used a disk to raised the gnome up to get a birds eye view and followed it to a nearby hunting town, and I say town loosely. Good place to sit and think, relax.. and well track down a murder. Some woman, nice shot to the heart, skilled, thin delicate blade. 10 to 1 our dark elf.

Entry #553

The plot thickens, seems out little corpse has dealings.. husband is a Harper and she has a cypher in her possession. IT will take some time, as it is seems the local rangers want information, and the sister to the corpse is one of them. She is actively attempting to hunt.. I have no problem sharing what intel I have for her, the others who sit comfortable in their circles and expect stranger to vomit up info just because they ask for it. They will pay for the scraps of info I have.

Tracked them to the kings city to the south. As per professionalism dictates I introduce myself to the guild of the city, offer my services, gather what information I can about our dark friend and the guild will help with this search.. in return I use their merchant to rape me over the price of our found gems. A bribe without a bribe.

we will see if it bears fruit.


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