Once Upon A God

Serenity's Thoughts - 1

Bad day.

Best friend is dead. Killed by she-Drow. Children crying. Husband crying. What good is crying?

Many stand around. Outsiders come – 4 males. Make noise, shine lights, and root. Typical. Act like they own the place. Can’t stand it. Serenity tracks.

Outsiders interfere. Bald Holy-man is arrogant – resorts to tricks when he doesn’t get his way. He should have rocks thrown at his head.

Outsiders insist on “helping.” Mainly they make noise and destroy tracks. Serenity tracks she-Drow to city.

Gnome is very noisy, but seems genuine. He makes Serenity laugh. 2 armed dwarf enjoys picking on him. Not surprised.

1 armed dwarf is somewhat useful. Not too ugly. He has some info and thinks he can get more. Seems overly sure of himself, though – very annoying. Serenity will keep rocks handy just in case.

Bjorn's Journal #9

Entry #552

Into the dark, We searched the chamber and collected what gold and goods we could but not the return I had hoped for. Did manage to find a secret door leading further down, interestingly enough there is a hero’s chamber, statue after statue of long dead heroes, looks like we were too late as the weapons they held are already robed.

Fortunately, it seems we have found some defilers and quite possibly some of those that are responsible for the problems above. Decent fighters, and a priest… all dead now, though I have to admit it was a tough fight. Turns out we did not get everyone and there was a tunnel dug, we are tracking the one that got away. After speaking with a resident ghost we got a little information, seems we are hunting a dark elf. Sigh. elfs, can’t say I have ever met one worth their salt.. even in the guild they are annoying.

Tunnel led to the woods, used a disk to raised the gnome up to get a birds eye view and followed it to a nearby hunting town, and I say town loosely. Good place to sit and think, relax.. and well track down a murder. Some woman, nice shot to the heart, skilled, thin delicate blade. 10 to 1 our dark elf.

Entry #553

The plot thickens, seems out little corpse has dealings.. husband is a Harper and she has a cypher in her possession. IT will take some time, as it is seems the local rangers want information, and the sister to the corpse is one of them. She is actively attempting to hunt.. I have no problem sharing what intel I have for her, the others who sit comfortable in their circles and expect stranger to vomit up info just because they ask for it. They will pay for the scraps of info I have.

Tracked them to the kings city to the south. As per professionalism dictates I introduce myself to the guild of the city, offer my services, gather what information I can about our dark friend and the guild will help with this search.. in return I use their merchant to rape me over the price of our found gems. A bribe without a bribe.

we will see if it bears fruit.

Granite's Journal #8

Entry Date, 2nd Flamerule 1368 DR

After resting we left our humble abode for the evening. We traversed down several flights of stairs and into a large room. There were several statues in the room all apparently had weapons at one time. There were several Hobgoblins in the room and they attacked us immediately. One of the Dwarves was felled in the battle, but I was able to revive him. As always, we were victorious. One of the statues, the statue of the king, held the soul of its likeness. The king came forward and told us that he was still on this plane, defying Kelemvor, for the greater purpose of fighting a great evil that would scourge the land. Apparently, thieves had stolen the weapons which belonged to the statues as well as the king’s bones. His bones are necessary for the king’s resurrection. There was a tunnel the Hobgoblins were digging it lead outside. After we reached the outside and the first daylight we had seen in some time, we sent the Gnome up on a floating disk to try and discern our location. After coming back down the Gnome had a few bumps and bruises but we used the information he was able to gather and headed south. After some time we reached a small hunting village. The village was too small to be of any use so we made camp in the woods just outside the town. In the middle of the night several townsfolk carried a body out of one of the houses. I went to investigate. It turns out the Drow we encountered murdered one of the townsfolk’s wives. We hired a tracker from the town and set out immediately. We tracked her for 3 days south into the town of Suzial.

Granite's Journal #7

Entry Date, 30th Kythorn 1368 DR

After killing the Crypt Spider and getting healed by the “demi-god” if you will, we pressed forward. After climbing a flight of stairs we came to a room with some sort of box. In the box was apparently some sort of creature. The party prepared to set it free. The Gnome prepped his boomstick and aimed. One of the Dwarves opened the lid and the Gnome fired. The creature inside screamed but apparently the Gnome missed. Yet one more creature who will probably beg for healing from the true gods, yet will not convert.

The room was filled with sarcophagi and the rest of the party immediately began to the loot them. One of them contained the bones of creatures that had been recently gnawed upon. Apparently, it was the remains of the new creatures’ party. We finished looting the room and moved onward.

When we walked into the next room 2 undead creatures rose from the sarcophagi and attacked us. The battle was fairly fierce; during the battle the undead creature removed one of the Dwarves’ hands.

We found some full plate armor of rage, being full plated I decided to take the plate even though the drawback to such armor will make my interactions with others more difficult. We rested for one day to allow us to fully rejuvenate our abilities. Once we rested we moved forward.

The next room we moved into was obviously a throne room. And the throne was occupied…by the traitor king.

Granite's Journal #6

Entry Date, 28th Kythorn 1368 DR

We walked down a flight of stairs out of the room. At the bottom of the stairs there was a pile of rocks about 4 feet high blocking our way into the room beyond. We could see over the pile, in the room there were 3 sarcophagi, a large pile of hay, and 3 bed rolls. I picked the gnome up and pushed him into the room beyond. We were immediately ambushed by 3 ruffians. The dwarf and I rushed the first two and dispatched them quickly. The remaining ruffian had a crossbow and was somewhat more difficult to reach. They had strewn caltrops all through the pile of hay. It turns out that the Gnome was actually able to dispatch the fellow. You know what they say, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.”

We continued forward and found a waterfall, slow moving and shallow. When the dwarf stepped out onto the falls a humanoid appeared. It proclaimed itself to be the protector of the crypt. Fine job it was doing. It wanted to wrestle the Dwarf in exchange for information. The Dwarf won the contest and the creature was quite helpful. It informed us the crypt was infested by Crypt Spiders.

We continued and at the bottom of the falls was a splendid door adorned with the symbolisms of a king. We moved forward. As soon as we stepped into the room beyond two crypt spider corpses attacked us. They were quite nasty and I think we were lucky with the outcome.

The Gnome is always good for some comic relief. He walked up to the spider web covered statue and tried to brush it off. Even small school children know not to stick their tongues on frozen metal poles….

We crossed the room and walked up the stairs to the second level. At this level the webs were much older. We burned off the webs and started to cross the balcony when we noticed the rather large spider in the corner of the balcony. Let the party begin…

Bjorns Journal #8

Entry #550

I love the feeling over under the earth, tombs, caves, or in a good old city.. the pressure of day and night don’t matter. The halls need a good cleansing and we managed to come across a poorly dug pit. Turns out there is a companion of our large fighter. She can tag along as long as she pulls her weight.

Spoke too soon, coward ran at the first fight.. collection of armor that sprung up.. we put them down. If I find her alive she will lose her breath by morning.

Halls and tombs.. again with boxing up the bodies…

Entry #551

lower into he depths, this is becoming more and more a proper tomb, undead rising only to be put down again.. and the pay is not bad.

Found a child in a crypt.. not dead yet though his party was. Fools are too young to be here, humans, boy cant even protect himself but I gotta admit he tells a good tale, inspiring, seems he is gifted in that and I can feel the magic he weaves. He will be good to keep around, perhaps make a decent addition.

Fights continue… and I lost my hand. Not terribly happy bout this but it does present an interesting opportunity. The gnome is quite madd and annoying at times but I have to admit he is skilled in his ways. He has offered to rebuild my hand into something, “interesting” not sure if I should be impressed or terrified. Worst case scenario I tear it off and have a guild cleric fix it.

Into the depths.. seems this tomb is of a betrayer, mad turned on his king in the middle of battle. There are few things lower than that and as luck would have it we got to meet the scum. I have to admit I had a little fun with him before we put him down.

I will admit the fight was not easy, but we are standing and he is not.

need to rest a bit before moving on.. .my arm itches…

Granite's Journal #5

Entry Date, 27th Kythorn 1368 DR

It seems I did not properly finish my last entry, the maze was rather frustrating and I can no longer recall enough details to continue my last entry with enough detail to merit the time. If asked I’m sure the Gnome could recount the detail in as many words as one would be willing to allow him. Oh well…On to current events.

During the night I had a strange dream, a dream that Baahl was speaking to me as if I was one of his followers. He ordered me to kill all others which possess the powers of Baahl. When I woke in the morning I felt strangely empowered. I’m not sure what to make of the dream, if it was actually I which was being spoken to or if I was seeing the dream as if through another’s eyes. Either way it was quite disconcerting. I’m sure that Grumbar and Kelemvor with guide me through whatever hardship lies ahead. I began my morning prayers. When I finished we moved on.

I believe Grumbar is on vacation, I prayed that the Gnome would be silent for some time. When I finished with my prayers the auditory assault began immediately…

The first room we came into had a large triangular pillar, the Dwarves seemed to think it was only for support even given its odd geometry. We continued forward and around the corner there was a pit. In the pit there was an unconscious human woman. One of the Dwarves climbed over the side and down into the pit and resuscitated the woman. The woman, apparently, was part of a mercenary group that was attacked. When the battle went badly for them she fled and in the process she fell into the pit.

When we walked into the next room there were 6 iron statues. According to the merc these statues were the statues that animated. One of the Dwarves stepped to the middle of the room and the statues began to move. Their shoulder pads dislodged from the main statue, grew legs, and also began to attack us. We dispatched them quickly. They must have taken exception to the gnome’s incessant speech because they laid him out…

Granite's Journal #4
granite journal adventure 4

Entry Date, 26th Kythorn 1368 DR

We found a rope ladder heading down out of the room where we battled the hobgoblin and we headed down. There was a rope tied across a small chasm. Instead of traversing the rope I simply case “Darkway.” There were several of these small islands and it was necessary to cast “Darkway” several times. We then had to climb up a short tope ladder. There were several turns ahead of us and we decided to take the first one we came to. After that the place turned into a veritable maze. One of the dwarves took the lead and I just followed him.

After some time we came to a room which was filled with lots of old, decrepit weapons and armor. There was a door leading out of the room. We preceded through . In the following room there was a fire Mephit. Apparently we were in some sort of labyrinth and the Mephit says that he was placed there to assist people out of the labyrinth.

After a short conversation with the creature, the Dwarf killed it.

We blew the door in the room apart and stepped through.

Each room we came into had a summoning rune in the center. In one of the rooms the summing summoned some sort of creature like a will-o-the-wisp.

Bjorn's Journal #7

Entry #549

Halls, turns, more halls.


I will never understand why some feel the need to waste good earth on a maze. I mean, whats the point? Any damn fool with an ounce of patience, a bit of parchment and a bit of coal will just map the damn thing!!

Did have a run in with a summoned with an elemental mephite… tried to get us to follow him.. he was obviously lying and a threat, we returned him to his plane. Nothing much else down here than rooms of trash.. bit of Plat, a lost scroll, nice gem.. but all in all damn near pointless.

Guess it is a good location for a secret cult.

That said we did find a portal, led to some other caverns.. bit of water which seems to give the priest some concern, no wonder with all that steel on his skin. Other than that.. just a run in with some cave worms, ehh it all comes with the territory.

Granite's Journal #3

Entry Date, 26th Kythorn 1368 DR

After the battle we licked our wounds. This battle taxed some of our prowess and one of the dwarves was seriously injured. It is a good thing that I am somewhat skilled in the art of healing, after some care and rest it appeared that he would be fine. Kelemvor will not see his soul to the afterlife this day.

After a short rest and some prayer, one of the dwarves along with the gnome started to tinker with the only door in the room. The dwarf must have become frustrated at his progress with the lock and pulled out some type of arrow and shot it at the door. Upon the arrow’s impact the door disintegrated and the dwarf stepped through. This is a rather hasty bunch; I’m somewhat dismayed that we aren’t resting longer. Certain members of the party could use the time to heal naturally.
I’m not sure exactly what the first dwarf found on the other side of the door but soon afterwards the two Dwarves started a lengthy conversation. Apparently there was a creature on the other side. The dwarves soon turned the conversation to the Gnome. I never quite understood Dwarven humor, or for that matter the practicality of humor in general, but It appears the gnome likes to “use his tool.”

When I made my way through the door I found that the other side was a short hallway leading to another door. It appears we have found a human, even more surprising, we found a live one.
The new fellow seems to have already entered into some sort of pact with one of the dwarves and for some reason he seems to believe that the pact he made has compelled me to heal him with my gods’ power. He is sorely mistaken, only my gods speak for me. I have found that too many priests give too freely to men who would oh so quickly take that power without a thought but would not give back without being forced.

Our discussion must have continued for some time because one of the dwarves came back looking for us.

Up ahead they had found a room with several statues. Several of the statues were of warriors, one of a miscreant, one of a sorcerer. The statue of the sorcerer was holding out an open book to us. On the book was a riddle.

“Two as one can win the day,
The one with two shows the way,
Brave the blade to break the seal,
Twist the knife it will reveal.”

I had most of the riddle correct, we twisted the knife in the hand of the miscreant and a secret door opened in the room below. We all proceeded to the room. In the room there was a sarcophagus. The cover was elaborately shaped into the figure of a lying woman. The sarcophagus itself contained several items and a blessing/curse that accompanied them. The dwarf quickly collected what was there.

We moved forward to the door at the far end of the riddle room. The room beyond had 2 ladders going down on either end. We decided to move down the left ladder. I think one of the dwarves moved ahead and surprised a hobgoblin performing some kind of ritual. All too soon it became apparent that the ritual was to animate a dead Minotaur. Obviously a battle ensued. We took what I would consider light causalities given the circumstances. A search of the dead hobgoblin has led us to believe that it was in the employ of the “dead” god Bhaal.


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