Once Upon A God

The witch

We are on the hunt, I remember a book that spoke of a Fire Giant who gave his heart to a witch of the Thornwood. this gift was said to give him unending life. It would appear that this story was not just a tale. We have hunted down the Thornwood and with the assistance of a local mage we were able to teleport to the woods edge.

I gave sacrifice, the party was surprisingly accepting of the ritual, likely they were too dull to comprehend or to unfinished with their drink to understand.

At the wood we found that there were no living creatures, also the wood itself seems to feed off of magical energy. Interesting to find out how fickle the druid and the drunkard are, so protective of their precious forest until they discovered that the source of the wood could be something other than natural growth. Obviously they have no sense of dedication to the efemoral nature of their land.

The gnome attempted a test of burning down the wood from non-magical means.. it appears to work. The fool of a druid called the rains for no reason other than to put out a fire. Such a fool! So little respect for the rains!! He will learn the importance of the blessings of the rains.

The woods themselves are empty, strange even for the sands… we found out why, it would appear that this place is a haven for the aberrations, Beholders roam free.

The cold lands
Not what was expected.

I prayed to Azul, I drown the calf as a sacrifice for a successful journey. My lord blessed me with guidance to the lower cold lands, across the planes to the city’s of men. It’s so strange to see the lack of respect for my lords blessings here, it is taken for granted that the rains will come. There is no doubt that these rains are the gifts from other gods who do not care how soft their followers are.

They cringe in my presence, they hide, they shrink away from my warmth as does the fragile blossom so common to these lands. It is difficult to not pity them, few if any would survive the tests of the faithful.

I seek the gnome, Fudwucket. From the stories I have pulled from the mouths of the common people here he leads a band who have already slowed the progress of Bahl. I can only expect him to be of the earth and likely one who will stand firm, bold, strong, and be capable of stopping a god.

Perhaps I should have drown one of the villagers… my lore Azul must have led me to this group as punishment.. or perhaps as a test.

The gnome is… fascinating, far weaker than I expected, but clever.. a skilled inventor.. that flexibility could be useful. But his party, I cannot imagine how they have survived.

The dwarf, solid, warrior of the earth from his weapons and garb.. good to have around but a bit too… unpredictable.

A drunkard who’s horse appears more intelligent than he is.

A mage, aged.. clever, quite intelligent but is too willing to trust deception to gain wisdom. Still he reminds me of some from my home.

A druid of the cold lands.. like many of his kind he is too reliant on the bounty of the land itself. I’m sure he would be fine in these weak lands, but would have difficulty in the shifting sands.

I will pray and make sacrifice at midday for Azul’s guidance and blessings… I fear we will need them before too long.


Another outpost of Ball, not terribly subtle, but it is a threat to those in the nearby city.

Though I may have issues with the Dwarf when it comes to finance, he is unquestionably devoted to the destruction of evil. We entered intot he keep, sloughed though the gnolls, but it is the giants that are of real concern. They will fall, but it is what is coming that I feel will be the challenge.

My lord protect me, guide me with your strength, let me strike with honor.

On the road
the road

Finally out of the fog from my encounter with… it must have been my lord. I feel his protection around me, through me, I have greater understanding, strength, and sense of peace. I no longer feel hunger after my fast and can feel the nature of my lord within me.

We have a new companion, hunter and tribesmen. He seems to have little compassion for those in need but he seems honorable enough. I fear he is a bit too focused on revenge, a path that I too followed before understanding my more important calling. This is not to say he is flawed by this drive, only that I understand and hope that he too will grow from it.

More disconcerting is the reaction from the group when i attempted to bring up the funds I require. Before our new hunter joined us there were 6 of us. An equal 6 way split is logical, when I brought up the equal share amount and that is what I required for my tithe and work I was met with anger and suspicion from the group as if I were a common thief reaching into their pockets.. primarily the Dwarf.

Now, I have heard the stories of the insatiable greed of dwarfs, but like all stories of stereotypical races I had always taken it as common bias from one race to another and took it with a gran of salt. Sadly it seems there is merit in these descriptions when it comes to the stout folk. I feel for him, pity how empty he must be to feel the need to fill it with coin. That said, it will not stand in my way of doing my work.

We will donate equipment unused, give to those who need more than we, assist those who cannot help themselves, teach them to thrive, and give them the tools to do so. If I am not allowed to do this from my personal funds, then it will be accomplished from the group coffers.

I stand for the broken, for the weak, for the sick, and the hopeless. I will be the vessel of my lords will.

Was it a dream

I sit in meditation, trying to remember, remember past the searing pain, past the taste of blood, past the fog. I must have died, I felt release of my soul… I remember speaking with a man who offered peace, hope to the hopeless. I was graced with the presence of my lord of the forgotten masses, of the hungry, of the hopeless.

I received your blessing, I must have as I awoke.

I will continue your path, I will aid in those who have no hope, to teach them their own strength, not only to give but to understand the strength of giving. I will honor you in my piety… and I will spread your will.

Feeling the path
walking without

My lord.

I walk the empty path and feel you with me. I know I am not yet ready and welcome your blessing when I am worthy.

I have spoken with the mage about the forms he gifts us with and feel he has chosen well, most recently with the form of an ent, how fitting, the simplest form of nature proving that one can be Mighty without the need of wealth or possessions. Thank you my lord for speaking through him I understand my path.

Your servant of want for nothing.

walking the path
the city

My lord,

the city of Tiamat is well guarded, the dead, devils, and other unpleasantness. For the natural inhabitants of this plane I will continue to offer the option to yield… it is a promise to Hagakuri that I will at least offer peace, but for those outside of their plane I will offer no quarter.

The guards refused to yield, they are no more, their goods will help others however. I am a bit torn, I consumed dwarf meat, as a sentient creature I am unsure how I feel about eating it.. it is not of my race and in that, are they nothing more than animals, am I? Do I have the right to take a life for the only reasoning of my own sustenance? I will meditate on this.

We found a torture room, run by a devil who was guarding it, it is back in it’s plane. Again the mage chose a savage form for me, not a bad choice as it was effective and may have been the cause of the devil returning to the abyss. Still.. I need him to know I prefer the form of something befitting my… ideals.

Something unpleasant came to light, it would seem that I am subject to good attacks as if I were an evil being. I fear that my parentage may have cursed my blood… I live each moment for the good of those around me, to follow the law of my path, and to fight evil and chaos. The cleric tells me that I am also good by my nature, so how can I house both? I must purge this evil from me.

finally, we have found another, female, half elf. Seems she was the recent victim of the devil.. we have healed her, given her rest and food. I was able to supply her with armor and weapons and the opportunity to be safe from this place. She wishes to join us, perhaps out of revenge, I do not blame her for that. She too helps those in need including the poor. She already has my respect for that. She is a fighter from her report.. Bless her, my lord, so that she may assist in your work.

The path
walking the path

My lord..

We have done what we can for the town, they must now take the choice to share what they have and grow or fail.. please bless them with wisdom.

We have added another to our group, human, wielder of magic but not as common as most who throw about fire and lightning, he was quick to help others and I feel he will be an asset to the group. Bless him with your protection.

The mage of the town sent us to the final layer of Tiamat’s followers. After the fight with the Blue dragon we did gain entrance. Interestingly the new mage has a tenancy to change others forms to fit the situation. Useful no doubt, I may need to speak with him about his choice of forms as mine was of a devil. I understand we are as we chose our actions to be but I am not entirely comfortable in such naturally savage forms. I continue to follow your path, I deny the ownership of wealth and I have been blessed with the freedom of material goods. I do carry items that might be useful to others and a potion that I hold for the priest. I know he intended for me to use it should I need it but I will not be a owner of such a valuable item. It is tucked in my bag with other goods that may be shared with those who need it more than I.. for I trust in you.

Prayer of poverty
Vow of poverty

My lord Phieran,

I am freed, I hold only one last item of worth but only as long as it takes to find one who can use them. I have given all that I have of material wealth, my companions do not understand, but it is not their path, I accept that.

I will continue to aid those who have nothing, I will build in your name a network of assistance for those in need, and I give my vow to continue the path of the poor, I devote my path to poverty so I may understand it’s purity to cleanse the corruption I have gathered in my life until now.

thank you my lord,
I vow to your path.

I have been informed by the lord of this town that the cult of Tiamat still thrives, they bring unneeded suffering to the world. We will cleans this blight from the lands.

Exhalted Phieran

My lord Phieran,

The fight was long and exhausting I fight in your name and for the protection of the needy, those without but I do not feel your presence, I implore you my lord..

I see… I rely too much on the trappings of wealth as I claim your path. i understand.. i will give away my holdings.. I will give penance.. I will walk the broken path..

Thank you….

I am humbled.


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