Once Upon A God

The Story So Far......

18th of Kythorn, 1368 DR (Summer)

Espar is on the verge of a comeback standing in the shadow of Mt. Shalendragor. Much of war-torn mining town has been rebuilt and has become a much more prosperous due to the recent find of an extremely large new silver vein. The Summer Solstice festival is getting into full-swing and the town is full of many new faces. The celebration though has been marked by a dark cloud as over the passed week there have been rumors of many people getting sick and even found died, cause unknown. There are also report of the usual hunting in the King’s Forest east of town is rather spare lately and many animals have been found dead. This hasn’t put a stop to the influx of people coming to see the festival.

Bjorn's Journal
Memoirs of a calulating mind.

Entry #539

The mines have been open for a few weeks now, silver has been flowing in, all the merchants seem happy and father has been working steadily. The new wealth has spurred need for new security due to a few more robberies increasing my own workload. Getting paid on two fronts… not a bad profession.

The gnome has been himself lately… never did get their need to voice every thought, I suppose you throw enough darts one of them is going to hit the mark.

Hurmm, marks, Note to self pay a visit to the Simmons boy who has been courting the Goldsmiths daughter, he has paid well to make sure they do not run off together.

Entry #540

Works done for the day, Too bad for Goldsmiths daughter, heard she received a letter form a local boy that he suddenly felt the need to join far off navy.

More people in town… more people getting sick.. must be something going round.

Entry #541

Spent the day with brother and the Gnome, reminded him of his mortality again.. explained that if he didn’t stop his chatter I would remove his tongue. He is a clever one though.. has some interesting designs for locks and traps. Too bad he was born a gnome, guess it is not his fault.

More missionarys of a weak forgotten god stopped by asking for hand outs, they looked hungry and were suffering from illness. I made sure to give them the leftovers that were going bad, perhaps the impending vomiting will help cleanse their systems.

Entry #542

Father is ill, I think there is more to the sickness than an increase in population. Ran some tests and through he brotherhood found that this sickness is intentional. Spoke with Sergeo, foreman of the mining company, *side note – susceptible to bribe, may be the POC for the Brotherhood into the silver trade. Appears that first family to get sick were Stevenson and Browns.. dead now, worked out of the old mines. Should start investigation there. Good chance Brother and I are infected.

Entry #543

On the road to old mines. Traveling with Brother and Gnome. He may be very useful for old supports. Encountered new priest who has joined us.. priest of death temple I have chosen to patronage, at least for now.

Cavern is infested with Kobold, several traps, This must be the source. Point find and end source, gather samples. find cure, gather enough for own use, enough to be replicated by guild to then be, offered to the public.

end note. cleaning of cavern should be used to leverage silver mining company for brotherhood influence.

Bjorn's Journal

Entry #544

Steady clearing of the Kobold infestation, not much to note, small raiding bands.. held up guarding a passage. Found a captured elf, released him and will hold him to a life debt… not the I expect too much.. he is an elf after all.

Priest is getting a bit nosy about certain secondary skills of me and my brother… probably harmless.. but something to note. So far he has been helpful.

Took the cave and it was being controlled by an orc shaman of some kind.. corrupting the town water supply, collected sample and full description of the prepared area.. turned into guild for investigation.

Found a note unfortunately damaged. " Jakk once your work is done in the ?? Mines ?? ??? the Barrow at once!
Yo??ded if we are to corrupt the king to our bidding and gain ??t he seeks!"

Back in town.. father died from the illness. He was at his forge.. fitting. He will be avenged and their deaths will not be pleasant.

investigating the Barrows and need to re equip.

Heard the Gnome’s master also died.. too bad.. senseless deaths yield no profit

Bjorns Journal 3


Traveling was good, clear roads, heading up to High Horn.. seems remote enough an area and hods a Barrow, might as well start on the outside and work our way in.

Hit a guard post, friendly enough, a pelt salesmen confirms that something is going on.. the hunting is bad and there are reports of strange noises in the woods.. centering on the graveyards and the Barrow. Onto the small town outside the barrow.. they have missing person reports and the guards sent to investigate have not come back. Brother and I checked the house of the missing family.. nothing there.. no struggle, nothing out of place, no evidence of any kind.

Got a map of the lesser used paths from a local dwarf huntsman.. we are taking the small trail to the back of the graveyard first, ran into a pack of wolves, one big one, was a rather nasty fight.. gotta remember to not be in front so much. One got away, disturbing thing is that it seemed to speak as it ran.. something in the goblin tongue.

Looks like we are in the right place..

Ohh.. side note, made deal with both the Captain in the town for 100 gold and a secondary deal with the town mayor to clear out the trouble for an addition 300 plus recognition and official residency. Two payouts.. one job.. not bad,

Bjorns Journal #4

Entry #546

Into the grave.

Exploring these places of the dead have always been fascinating, humans and their rituals of boxing up the dead. How is one supposed to join the dust and stone once again if they are shut up in a little box? hiding they secrets… The earth hides it’s own secrets.. it needs no help.

The dead walks here.. they should be put down.

Granite's Journal
journal granite adventure

Entry Date, 25th Kythorn 1368

After finishing off the wolves we moved into the crypt and encountered fresh zombies. The one dwarf took another beating in the ensuing battle but we managed to finish them off quickly.

The “elf” seems like a bit of a loner. The gnome is just incredibly annoying. He seems to think that I am depressed. He also has an incredibly skewed view of what a “Cleric” is. He seems to think that all clerics are “jubilant” and run around happily mending every fool with a scrapped knee. Still not sure exactly what we expect to find here but at least I was able to send a few bodies back to Grumbar.

The elf and gnome found a room that had magical cleaning devices which were obviously also made to attack any unwanted visitors, they chewed up the elf pretty nicely. I’m not sure exactly what they accomplished by destroying the devices accept for forcing me to foolishly utilize the divine power my gods have graciously given me.

Next, I came across some sort of odd riddle on the door to the next room. Why the 9 hells do tome builders have to be so secretive? So, it turns out that the tiles had to be moved to match the picture of the beholder on the door. How amusing. One of the tiles then disintegrated and a passage appeared. I’m so thrilled; I vote we send the gnome first immediately followed by the elf…

Bjorn's Journal #5

Entry #547

Down into the Rabbit hole.

Ladder gave way to stairs, no traps to speak of other than a couple of enchanted unded dogs and a rather unpleasant Zombie ogre.

A narrow bridge over some thick gray waters.. narrow enough that the elf fell, I would have thought better of them. Then the beast hit, a clear jelly like beast. I was the only one to see it hit as it was cleverly masked in the waters. The elf still owes me a debt so what choice did I have but to jump into the waters below and free the helpless elf, not an act of heroism simply protecting my investment.

Two doors were the choice.. pristine and broken. The broken door led to an exit.. a long ladder to the outside world. A deceiving snakelike beast extorted access passed his layer from us. I offered a mutually beneficial deal which was rudely denied. I knew at this point it could not be trusted and as a free agent all too easily bribed to our detriment had to be removed.

The unbroken door led to a more interesting encounter, undead true.. but someone of far more interest, skilled in combat, we will see what information we can pull from his corpse.

Bjorn's Journal #6


Doors, doors.. so many doors.

The passes seem endless, choices give way to chance, I must say I like it better his way. Speaking of chance, we happened across a human in the halls, all beat to hell. He barely looks like he can keep up with he speaks my tongue.. not just dwarven either, seems he knows his way round a bargain.. then again he seems to think that I have any push or pull of how the party funds are divided. Shrug, as long as he pulls his weight.

Humm seems we found our way through the killing fields, a crypts that gave up it’s goods, and a guardian in the tomb, not a bad sort.. just doing it’s job, can’t fault it for that. More interestingly is the hobgoblin cleric of Bahl.. Baal..Balls.. eh, whatever. Dead god from teh last war seems to not be so dead. As I have said.. never trust the gods… But seems we have theri writ, so there must be a group of em, and it’s worth 500G so if nothign else it a decent profit.

We should clear out the tombs per our contracts, collect what we can of worth and let the dead rest as they are meant to .. in the earth.

Side note. remember to get more daggers.

Reminder. talk to the gnome bout more bolts. versatility is a good thing.

Granite's Journal #3

Entry Date, 26th Kythorn 1368 DR

After the battle we licked our wounds. This battle taxed some of our prowess and one of the dwarves was seriously injured. It is a good thing that I am somewhat skilled in the art of healing, after some care and rest it appeared that he would be fine. Kelemvor will not see his soul to the afterlife this day.

After a short rest and some prayer, one of the dwarves along with the gnome started to tinker with the only door in the room. The dwarf must have become frustrated at his progress with the lock and pulled out some type of arrow and shot it at the door. Upon the arrow’s impact the door disintegrated and the dwarf stepped through. This is a rather hasty bunch; I’m somewhat dismayed that we aren’t resting longer. Certain members of the party could use the time to heal naturally.
I’m not sure exactly what the first dwarf found on the other side of the door but soon afterwards the two Dwarves started a lengthy conversation. Apparently there was a creature on the other side. The dwarves soon turned the conversation to the Gnome. I never quite understood Dwarven humor, or for that matter the practicality of humor in general, but It appears the gnome likes to “use his tool.”

When I made my way through the door I found that the other side was a short hallway leading to another door. It appears we have found a human, even more surprising, we found a live one.
The new fellow seems to have already entered into some sort of pact with one of the dwarves and for some reason he seems to believe that the pact he made has compelled me to heal him with my gods’ power. He is sorely mistaken, only my gods speak for me. I have found that too many priests give too freely to men who would oh so quickly take that power without a thought but would not give back without being forced.

Our discussion must have continued for some time because one of the dwarves came back looking for us.

Up ahead they had found a room with several statues. Several of the statues were of warriors, one of a miscreant, one of a sorcerer. The statue of the sorcerer was holding out an open book to us. On the book was a riddle.

“Two as one can win the day,
The one with two shows the way,
Brave the blade to break the seal,
Twist the knife it will reveal.”

I had most of the riddle correct, we twisted the knife in the hand of the miscreant and a secret door opened in the room below. We all proceeded to the room. In the room there was a sarcophagus. The cover was elaborately shaped into the figure of a lying woman. The sarcophagus itself contained several items and a blessing/curse that accompanied them. The dwarf quickly collected what was there.

We moved forward to the door at the far end of the riddle room. The room beyond had 2 ladders going down on either end. We decided to move down the left ladder. I think one of the dwarves moved ahead and surprised a hobgoblin performing some kind of ritual. All too soon it became apparent that the ritual was to animate a dead Minotaur. Obviously a battle ensued. We took what I would consider light causalities given the circumstances. A search of the dead hobgoblin has led us to believe that it was in the employ of the “dead” god Bhaal.

Bjorn's Journal #7

Entry #549

Halls, turns, more halls.


I will never understand why some feel the need to waste good earth on a maze. I mean, whats the point? Any damn fool with an ounce of patience, a bit of parchment and a bit of coal will just map the damn thing!!

Did have a run in with a summoned with an elemental mephite… tried to get us to follow him.. he was obviously lying and a threat, we returned him to his plane. Nothing much else down here than rooms of trash.. bit of Plat, a lost scroll, nice gem.. but all in all damn near pointless.

Guess it is a good location for a secret cult.

That said we did find a portal, led to some other caverns.. bit of water which seems to give the priest some concern, no wonder with all that steel on his skin. Other than that.. just a run in with some cave worms, ehh it all comes with the territory.


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