Rules and Character Creation

Character Creation:

4D6 drop the lowest, 5 sets of stats may be rolled, if all stats in a set are below 13, or you have more then -5 total then character died at birth and can re-roll.

Standard classes and races are acceptable, other choices must be discussed with me first.

Search, Listen, Spot are class skills for all classes.

Spell-casters all use a point based mana system (both PCs and NPCs)
(System is still being refined)

  • Points are equal to spells x there level (ex. if you have 5, 3rd level spells, that is 15 mana from that level)
  • Spells cost there level + any metamagic modifiers. (ex. Lvl 5 quickened spell would cause you 9 mana)

Rules and Character Creation

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