Once Upon A God

Bjorns Journal #14

Entry #557

Personal log

Taking more time to contemplate the changes in our world. I find that the cemetery is quite peaceful, laying in open earth is comforting though I do miss solid stone. I have striped away the armors and have taken on a more fitting traveling outfit, less restrictive, still good for keeping to the shadows. It also allows for numerous knifes.

I have become more accustomed to not needing food, drink, or sleep. It is somehow.. right.
Set Granit up with an interesting question as the disdain he has for the use of undead is based on his religious belief that the physical bodies are of the earth and thus stolen from his god. I asked his thoughts on the use of stone or flesh for gollums.

standard Journal.

Have made proper introductions to the local guild, seems there has been a cut in communications to the south that is affecting local trade and thus the guild. In payment for information on the movements of the Drow assassin we will investigate the cross road raids.

first town due south is and has been laid waste to several weeks ago. Bits of stonework axes have been found.. common to goblinoid raiders. We are moving on to the south east.



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