Once Upon A God

Of Trees and bones.

The exodus from the town was less subtle than I would have liked. Occupational hazards of traveling with a bard I suppose.

We did find the mound, the one of great betrayal. It was not unguarded however and to be honest I was taken aback as we were attacked by a large tree. It would turn out that the illusion used by the undead dragon was effective.

Fortunately it fell, unfortunately we have taken on a new companion. Hafling and a thief, and though I know that their skills are useful I find them disdainful… their very nature is undignified. They lie, and skitter about, then the final straw was the insult to Azul when I offered his blessing of drink. The vile rat spat out the water. He deserved to suffer a fitting punishment, he would not drink so I gave him the gift of thirst.

We eventual entered the crypt below, there was the sarcophagus of the blessed. Their sleep should not be disturbed but above was a magical devourer waiting to feed. I admit I know little of these creatures.. only a vague comment that they are suitable to elemental damage. However not direct magical attack. In time I found that a summoned ice axe will harm it, but it is destroyed directly after… this will be a delicate fight.



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