Once Upon A God

Town and new... friends?

Shadowdale is not unlike any heavily populated area, criminals, poor, the weak, and all the others who put themselves above it.

We have resupplied, sold goods, purchased others, I will remember that there is a particular blacksmith that I will continue my business with in the future. More interesting were the ruins of the tower where we received the guidance of a spectral being. Be it deity or simply a remnant shade the information was of a place outside of town known for betrayal from the past, for lack of other guidance we will investigate.

Ego has always been a fascinating weakness of humans. None so much so as in the profession of bards, I have to admit that many of the histories and documents I treasure are work of those who follow that path… but must they always inject their personal twists and vice into the histories they preserve? It would seem that we have attracted a follower of this ilk, one determined to be the historian and personal biographer of the great Nino. The child is in for a rude awakening.. much as I was to believe the rumors following the innocent little gnome.

This will be a tale I will enjoy reading.



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