Once Upon A God

let them be slaves

We recover the cloak and staff also receiving the gift of Selune. She left us with a message that the people could be convinced to throw off their bondage of the Zentirum.

I do know of the rebuilding of the castle she spoke of and so we continued that path and resupplied at Shadowdale. Truly the people of these lands are curious… curious to me in that they have no individual will, collectively the people dislike their overloads, they hate them, but they are completely unwilling to do anything about it that puts the individual families at risk.

In the wastes we would think nothing of sacrificing a member of a family or even the first born children if it were to save the village as a whole. We would do it gladly and celebrate their death.

… but these people cry and cower in their pathetic state. They would rather suffer than take any action that might harm a few of their infants. Fitting that their climate is filled with wet and muck, it is the perfect representation of their lives. I would hold contempt for them all if felt that they even mattered.

They will not take up for themselves and it is not for me to do it on their behalf, to do so would only reinforce their lack of resolve. The Zentirum have rightfully enslaved these people, thus the people are theirs to rule.

I will work with the others to hunt down this sliver of Bahl and we can be on our way. I will do nothing to save anyone who is not willing to act for themself.



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